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Wooden chicken coop : what you need to know about the chicken coop

Wooden chicken coop 

Why choose a wooden chicken coop rather than made ​​of metal or other material? To this question, there are several answers and it would be unwise to spend on each one briefly. Indeed, it is better to elaborate on the subject, because although you might think at first that this might be a boring subject, think twice before you decide. Better yet, read on and you might see a chicken coop cover more than a few chickens and eggs! Do not smile, but rather read the article. 
Wooden chicken coop, what you need to know about the chicken coop

Often the image that comes to mind when one thinks of a wooden barn is a simple structure with an opening where the chickens sleep when they are not pecking corn kernels. If you have more imagination, you think perhaps that is where the farmer or the farmer will look once the eggs that the chickens have stopped laying. You are viewing a few chicks that come out of the barn and that the walk one after another following their mother. You're right, this is true as regards the henhouse, but as regards the structure itself, there are many more styles and designs that you believe in the market for raising chickens . 

Several types of barns to choose 

Wooden chicken coop, what you need to know about the chicken coop

First there was the barn wood that looks like a big box which is simple and where the functional side is favored compared to the look. The look just is rustic, but after all, in its early farming was more to produce good eggs and beautiful chickens rather than wear a chicken coop to look great. Often made in such materials like pinewood untreated, these functional barns, but not large are made of wood panels. However, they contain the egg compartment with an opening for the stockman can easily retrieve the eggs. This type of housing is available mostly in higher version to keep out the cold in winter. The barn wood panels comes as a kit to assemble yourself, but other more sophisticated coops can sometimes require a bit more knowledge on the subject. The weight at which you can expect for a model tree by 140 by 70 centimeters, with a height of 75 inches on one side and 93 inches from the side above, is 38 pounds around. 
Wooden chicken coop, what you need to know about the chicken coop

For your barn wood lasts longer resistant to moisture and insect damage, prefer a product that is stained wood. Indeed, the stain acts as protection and ensure that you can enjoy your structure for a long time. The chicken coop that looks like a house is the one that comes most to mind when one thinks of the barns of yesteryear. They too are raised mostly for protection against cold, snow and ice in winter. It all depends on if your farm is a hobby or if you make a business. In the first case, you will be satisfied with a space for a couple of chickens, but if it's from a farm on a larger scale it is, you'll need more than a chicken coop. 

Last note on the barn wood, there are models completely wooden panels which can not therefore see the inside and those who are more airy that let in daylight. They are often surrounded by wire mesh instead of solid wood. For you to see what your fancy chicken coop and raising chickens you!

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