build a chicken coop

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                                                                                                            INSTALL A BARN

To install a chicken coop in your backyard, it is still better to check with your local council to find out how in your community and tell your neighbors to avoid any inconvenience. 
Remember: A prior request should be entered with your local council for poultry over 2m ² and 1.80 meters high. 
The processing time is about 30 days.



For handymen, it is quite possible to build your own chicken coop, but it's essential to meet several criteria such as the height of the perch or well provide openings to allow the chickens to circulate well.

For non-yourselfers, it is possible to buy barns up to retailers with all the essential accessories for the well being of your chickens. The size of the chicken coop will depend on the number of hens in your coop.


The location of your chicken coop is a key criterion for the well being of your chickens. Chickens are very sensitive, so it is better to build the chicken coop to shelter from the sun and weather. And he also needed to install a trough to moisturize hens and large enough for toileting. The water is changed regularly for the well being of your chickens, so it's better to have an accesible trough. It is imperative to set the barn to avoid inconvenience during the bad weather 


The enclosure is essential to allow the chickens to go out and scratch the ground in search of insects, but also to protect them from predators. To choose the height of the fence, it is best to know the breed of your chickens and features as some breeds are capable of flying over fences 1.20m. For poultry to climb the fence is provided and it is possble to change the location of the chicken coop to allow the chickens do not always scratch the same soil and thus avoid excessive deteriorate. 


To build a chicken coop, it is better to focus on natural materials such as wood for its natural properties regulate the temperature and humidity inside the house. It is better to build a fairly large chicken coop for easier cleaning and ventilate it well. A mobile chicken coop is a good alternative to allow changing the location and promote regrowth of the grass. It is indispensable to build his barn to shelter from the wind because the hens are very sensitive. Failure to raise the barn on blocks or stilts will allow to preserve moisture. 
Remember: Do not ignore the strength of the henhouse 


The interior of the barn is a key criterion for the well being of your chickens: 

- The straw on the floor to insulate the coop and facilitate weekly cleaning. 
- A trap for entrance and exit of hens. 
- A ramp if the hen house is on stilts. 
- Several perches to 50 inches off the ground and all the same height to avoid triggering fighting among the chickens. 
- A nest for 4 groups on the periphery of the barn not to disturb the hens during removal.




The size of the house should consider of the available area: the area device should besufficient for circulation, access to the paddock and mulching and the opening of the two flaps. 
Also count ** 2 m2 per hen an access gate appropriate for their size. Here it is sized and an access gate adapted to their size. Here, it is dimensioned 
** The ground will host the house must be perfectly flat. 
It should be groomed prior to installation. 
The structures of the enclosure and cover are made of battens crude tree section 50 x 50 x 50 mm and 32 mm. 
** The floor, hatches, the access and the bottom of the planter ramp are waterproof chipboard panels 22 mm thick. The cladding plank pine autoclave class IV. The enclosure is covered by a welded wire mesh. 
Hardware side, the doors are equipped with steel piano hinges 
Stainless 100 x 32 mm, and the gate of a round bolt bolt 30 x 50 mm. The ventilation grille ABS is 13 x 37 cm. The overflow pipe is made of PVC.
build a chicken coop


build a chicken coop

Make cut all panels and saw the cleats and planks cladding to size. 


The simplest and most effective is to continue with this step before assembly, painting boards, battens and panels. For a flawless finish, sand roughly Overall then apply one or two coats primer and two coats of paint Exterior Wood leaving it dry between each layer .


For the pen and shelter, the cleats are joined together with the brackets screws and steel 50 x 50 x 40 mm. The floor and the boards cladding are screwed to the frame. 


Assemble the cleats underbody them (Figure A). Screw the floor and secure battens structure partition panels and (Figure B). 
Screw the boards cladding (Scheme C). Attach the trap (Figure D). Screw the cleats on the ramp safe (Figure D).


Screw the bottom panel of the shelter. Fasten corner brackets and screw the bardagw. 
Cut out the hole saw (Ø 50 mm) Subject to the overflow pipe, and then press it into its reserves (Figure D). 


Assemble the four porticos and the structure of the door (Scheme E). Attach the brackets between gantries. Attach the gate. Staple the welded mesh throughout.

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