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build a chicken coop in 7 Steps

Materials needed to build a chicken coop

To raise chickens, it is essential to ensure their well-being. 
Above all, they will need an enclosed and protected able to provide shelter to eat and sleep, to keep them warm and dry and protect them from predators. 

The house should be large enough to avoid crowding, and equipped with a perch and a nest and clean spaces for eating and drinking. This shelter will be completed by an outside run with grass, allowing them to roam free and enjoy the outdoors during the day. 

While there are many barns kit ready for use in trade, it is also possible to build it yourself, or by converting existing shelter garden or from your plans, using planks and wooden poles.

Materials needed to build a chicken coop

Here is a project fairly simple to make. It will allow you to raise a dozen hens. 

You will need: 
10 concrete blocks (for the seat);
  • thin mortar; 
  • 2 treated wood joists section 50 x 75 mm x 2 m and L 2 joists section 50 x 75 mm L x 1.50 m (to the floor); 
  • 8 wooden planks treated L 2 mxl 15.5 cm x thickness. 2.1 cm (to the floor); 
  • 2 posts 6 x 8 cm x L 2 m section 2 poles and 6 x 8 cm x 1.50 m section (for the back wall); 
  • 2 posts 6 x 8 cm x L 2 m section 2 poles and 6 x 8 cm x 2 m section (for the front wall); 
  • 50 sheets of paneling 2m L x W x 15 cm thick. 4 cm sawing to length (for all 4 walls); 
  • 12 plates of L 70 cm W x 15 cm thick. 4 cm (for a door H 1.80 m); 
  • 2 barred windows (possibly glass) L 80 cm x 60 cm wide on the front and left side; 
  • 4 plates fibro-cement L x 1.80 mxl 9 th. 5 cm (for the roof); 
  • am 4.5 x 40 and 3.5 x 40 mm; 
  • Brackets 40 x 10 40 x 40 mm; 
  • 5 hinges galvanized 50 x 30 mm; 
  • 1 board of 1.85m L x W x 30 cm thick. 2.7 and 2 brackets L 15 cm (for inside floor); 
  • 2 small logs or branches 2 cm x L 1.85 m (for perches); 
  • trough for poultry; 
  • feeder poultry; 
  • chicken wire, sufficient to establish the closing of outside run (about 50 m per 150 m2 of course) dimensions; 
  • fence posts.

Step 1: Choose a location

Check local regulations neighborhood to make sure it is legal to raise chickens in your yard. Some municipalities prohibit. 

If it's legal, choose a location not too far from home to make it easy to access and take care of your chickens, but not too close because of odor. 

Looking for a flat place, facing south, but also bright enough sheltered by a wall or tree to provide shade in the summer when it's hot.

Step 2: Determine the number of hens and measure the area needed

Determine how you want to raise chickens. 
A chicken coop 2.50 x 2.50 m provides enough space for 10-12 hens. 
Then measure the area of the barn and golf.

Step 3: Build the floor of the chicken coop

The floor, made ​​of floor based on 4 horizontal poles. It will be covered with straw or hay (to be changed periodically).

Step 4: Build the walls

The front and rear faces are first individually assembled on the ground, with the posts. 
They are assembled with the horizontal side posts, the bracket held by vertical posts.

The sides are assembled in the same manner as the front and rear faces. 
The frame is then covered with a paneling paneling pierced on the front side and the left side L of two mesh windows 80 xl 60 cm. The boards need to be cut to length to accommodate these openings.

Step 5: Attach the door

A large door, consisting of an assembly of plates, is fixed by two hinges. 
It is used to access the nests and collecting eggs. It also cleans the room.

Step 6: Build the roof of the chicken coop

The roof is made of planks of fiber cement plates, attached to the sides by brackets.

Step 7: Install accessories

The interior floor should allow hens to change position, rest in height. It consists of a wooden platform resting on two metal brackets. 
The nests, which are used to lay, are slightly raised from the ground and separated into three boxes. 
Perches are essential for rest and sleep chickens, consist of two small logs or branches attached to supports. 
A removable ramp of 1 mxl 25 cm is intended to facilitate the entry and exit of chickens. 
A small fleet of 150 sqm surrounded by a wire fence protects chickens from intrusion and distraction in the grass

Monday, 1 September 2014

How to build a chicken coop in a few easy steps

How to build a chicken coop? 

If you want to have your fresh eggs in the morning, hear the cackling hens in your backyard, so why not make a chicken coop? This essential shelter welfare of your new companions is a relatively simple and economic space. It is built with materials that are easy to find. You will find the necessary materials in any hardware store. Pay special attention to your plans, make sure you take into account all the elements that will help you succeed in your project. 
How to build a chicken coop in a few easy steps

Prerequisites for making your chicken coop 

To make a perfect chicken coop, you must first know the breed of your chickens. Hens prefer to sleep on perches wide and comfortable, we must provide compartments raised (like a loft), where they will sit and lay. Allow 30 inches from the floor for large hens (Brahma type) and about 75 inches high for lighter hens can fly (bantams or medium size). The house should be elevated off the ground to avoid predators come to attack them, while facilitating the ventilation of the building. A door will allow them to enter and exit through a ramp. Make sure you can easily access the nest to retrieve the eggs, and ability to clean nests. 

Before building a chicken coop, it will also consider the weather and where you SIXTI. Look for a naturally lit space, otherwise expect the addition of an electric light. If it rains frequently, make sure the building is watertight (outside ventilation required). Your new companions appreciate moderately heat, if summers are particularly hot aware that this may be fatal; a fan will allow them to regain some freshness. 

Plans and Tackle your chicken coop 

Once you have set the precedent and draw plans for the shelter, prepare the tools needed to make a chicken coop. 

The construction elements: 

The poles of the support structure: minimum 4 for each side; 
Planks to form the four walls, floor and perch; 
Fiber cement sheets which intersect to form the roof; 
A little fence to close and open the door. Hinges for access, and brackets to reinforce the structure; 
Electrical wire for light and fan if you considered necessary. 

Saw, hammer, meter, level, paint brushes; 
Nails, screws, hinges; 
Based sanitizers cresol to coat and treat the wood. 
To make a chicken coop, start assembling the rear facades and front shield. On the back side, make a board can open its hinge. This will allow you to access the nests of hens to retrieve eggs, and easily clean the floor feces. Climb the boards of the 4 sides by juxtaposing one on the other to ensure a perfect seal. Remember to saw the entrance to the barn, rounded or square that is to your liking, make sure it is wide enough for the hens can move easily. Once you've mounted the inner perch and attach the structure to the ground, you can ask your roof should allow air to circulate without letting the rain. Around the barn and in the space you have set for your chickens go about in peace, get a mesh enclosure to protect them from cats and other predators. So, make a chicken takes a little time, but the result is worth the effort. Your chickens will be happy if the shelter is kept clean and you happy with fresh eggs daily for your chickens!

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Wooden chicken coop : what you need to know about the chicken coop

Wooden chicken coop 

Why choose a wooden chicken coop rather than made ​​of metal or other material? To this question, there are several answers and it would be unwise to spend on each one briefly. Indeed, it is better to elaborate on the subject, because although you might think at first that this might be a boring subject, think twice before you decide. Better yet, read on and you might see a chicken coop cover more than a few chickens and eggs! Do not smile, but rather read the article. 
Wooden chicken coop, what you need to know about the chicken coop

Often the image that comes to mind when one thinks of a wooden barn is a simple structure with an opening where the chickens sleep when they are not pecking corn kernels. If you have more imagination, you think perhaps that is where the farmer or the farmer will look once the eggs that the chickens have stopped laying. You are viewing a few chicks that come out of the barn and that the walk one after another following their mother. You're right, this is true as regards the henhouse, but as regards the structure itself, there are many more styles and designs that you believe in the market for raising chickens . 

Several types of barns to choose 

Wooden chicken coop, what you need to know about the chicken coop

First there was the barn wood that looks like a big box which is simple and where the functional side is favored compared to the look. The look just is rustic, but after all, in its early farming was more to produce good eggs and beautiful chickens rather than wear a chicken coop to look great. Often made in such materials like pinewood untreated, these functional barns, but not large are made of wood panels. However, they contain the egg compartment with an opening for the stockman can easily retrieve the eggs. This type of housing is available mostly in higher version to keep out the cold in winter. The barn wood panels comes as a kit to assemble yourself, but other more sophisticated coops can sometimes require a bit more knowledge on the subject. The weight at which you can expect for a model tree by 140 by 70 centimeters, with a height of 75 inches on one side and 93 inches from the side above, is 38 pounds around. 
Wooden chicken coop, what you need to know about the chicken coop

For your barn wood lasts longer resistant to moisture and insect damage, prefer a product that is stained wood. Indeed, the stain acts as protection and ensure that you can enjoy your structure for a long time. The chicken coop that looks like a house is the one that comes most to mind when one thinks of the barns of yesteryear. They too are raised mostly for protection against cold, snow and ice in winter. It all depends on if your farm is a hobby or if you make a business. In the first case, you will be satisfied with a space for a couple of chickens, but if it's from a farm on a larger scale it is, you'll need more than a chicken coop. 

Last note on the barn wood, there are models completely wooden panels which can not therefore see the inside and those who are more airy that let in daylight. They are often surrounded by wire mesh instead of solid wood. For you to see what your fancy chicken coop and raising chickens you!

Build a chicken coop: steps and tips

How to build a chicken coop

Livestock is a profession that always interested many people. Whether we are talking pig, goats or chickens, it is imperative to always build a shelter for holding livestock. Wanting to breed chickens for example, requires to build a chicken coop to house them. 

Build a chicken coop: steps and tips
Build a chicken coop: steps and tips

Materials for building a chicken coop 

To have a chicken coop in good and due form, we need to know what material you will use. So, if build a chicken coop is not that difficult, to put it requires either an experienced handyman to the end result is satisfactory unless you buy a fully assembled or to use a professional. Building a chicken coop therefore request that consideration be well aware of where it intends to install the chicken coop and the number of chickens to raise. A chicken coop is where the chickens are housed. To build it, the choice is offered through various materials. Thus, one can choose to make a chicken coop in different woods (teak, pine, fir, etc.), wrought iron, straw, etc. That choice is the one as the other of these materials, building a chicken coop remains in itself a simple activity that can be undertaken by anyone without the help of a professional. 

The steps 

Build a chicken coop requires choosing the material prior to use. Then, it should be before the start of any construction operation, define the place where they will build the chicken coop. The place is important because it determines how the coop will be built. A dry place is best, but for a humid place, high level structure (as on stilts) is favorable to limit moisture and risks of cold in the henhouse. Similarly, the choice of location is also to pay attention to the position of the barn compared to the sun, because you have to know the breakdown of the henhouse is important for the good of the hens. Then you have to mobilize the necessary tools adapted to the material chosen for the chicken coop. 

In the case of the construction of a wooden barn for example, you have wood paneling, a saw, a meter, screws or nails, a hammer, screwdrivers and wire mesh to the edges of the chicken coop. In the event that the work must be done with concrete blocks (as base), all useful tools when building a permanent house to be mobilized. Finally, we must take into account the number of hens that will put and elements that make up the coop, like the perch feeders, sandbox, etc. A sufficiently large space must be reserved for example receiving eggs. Plus it will be great lay more eggs will comfortably. 
Build a chicken coop: steps and tips
Build a chicken coop: steps and tips

The construction of the chicken coop 

Build a chicken coop or make a chicken coop then must be done keeping in mind one thing: protecting chickens against potential predators. For this, it must be conceived as solid as possible. Build a chicken coop that is mobilizing the necessary equipment. There should also be two pallets on the side and one for the floor suspended slats and boards cut to the dimensions of the space for the chicken coop. 

Build a chicken coop is to take into account the dimensions of the boards and battens, assemble with nails or screws, put the fence, climbing perch one meter above the ground and preferably a few inches from the back wall. To avoid feces on the floor, ironing the length of the barn must be installed under the roost. Finally, build a chicken coop is also maintain it. For this, it should be the floor of the house made ​​of concrete or sand for easy maintenance.

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Feeding the chickens

                                                                             FEEDING HIS CHICKENS

Hens are little demanding residents but it is crucial to ensure their well being through a good lodging and good food nourriture .La will impact the health of your chickens. A balanced diet will help to protect your chickens from disease and will provide good quality eggs. Find all the useful tips to feed your chickens.


You can feed the chickens with the old cereal or leftovers from your meal like bread, salad or vegetables but the hens are very eager grains like wheat, oats, bran or maize. It is better to give them food in small amounts, on the order of 130 grams per day per hen to avoid leftovers and prevent pests and bacteria to invade the henhouse.
Remember: corn the advantage of a beautiful yellow color to the skin on your chicken but will fatten your chickens.


It is possible to find in your local pet foods designed for hens age or hanks. There are even foods designed for laying hens in pellet form for ease of laying and egg quality. Whole foods will meet the nutritional requirements for protein, fat, and essential for the health of your chickens vitamins. 
Plus: please bring them a mineral supplement such as mixtures of marine scales because the calcium in the scales is indispensable part of the egg shell and will prevent deficiencies

breeds of chicken


Two families of chickens will be able to install in your chicken coop: laying hens more classic look and
ornamental chickens. The variety of colors and plumage is very large: curly, smooth, cailloutées feathers ...
It's essential to make sure to pick up your eggs every day, because otherwise will spend their time
 in the hatching. To accustom your newcomers to their new home, it is best to let them inside the house
 with food and water a few days and then open them outside.

Compare best hens: 

The Red Hen 

Ponte: Excellent 
Incubator: Good 
Race: Light 
Weight: from 2 to 2.5 kg 
Character: Excellent 
Origin: England 

La Gauloise 

Ponte: Good 
Incubator: Average 
Race: Light 
Weight: from 2 to 2.5 kg 
Character: Good 
Origin: USE

the Gournay 

Ponte: Good 
Incubator: Average 
Race: Light 
Weight: from 2 to 2.5 kg 
Character: Good 
Origin: USE

build a chicken coop

                                              build a chicken coop

                                                                                                            INSTALL A BARN

To install a chicken coop in your backyard, it is still better to check with your local council to find out how in your community and tell your neighbors to avoid any inconvenience. 
Remember: A prior request should be entered with your local council for poultry over 2m ² and 1.80 meters high. 
The processing time is about 30 days.



For handymen, it is quite possible to build your own chicken coop, but it's essential to meet several criteria such as the height of the perch or well provide openings to allow the chickens to circulate well.
For non-yourselfers, it is possible to buy barns up to retailers with all the essential accessories for the well being of your chickens. The size of the chicken coop will depend on the number of hens in your coop.