Saturday, 30 August 2014

Feeding the chickens

                                                                             FEEDING HIS CHICKENS

Hens are little demanding residents but it is crucial to ensure their well being through a good lodging and good food nourriture .La will impact the health of your chickens. A balanced diet will help to protect your chickens from disease and will provide good quality eggs. Find all the useful tips to feed your chickens.


You can feed the chickens with the old cereal or leftovers from your meal like bread, salad or vegetables but the hens are very eager grains like wheat, oats, bran or maize. It is better to give them food in small amounts, on the order of 130 grams per day per hen to avoid leftovers and prevent pests and bacteria to invade the henhouse.
Remember: corn the advantage of a beautiful yellow color to the skin on your chicken but will fatten your chickens.


It is possible to find in your local pet foods designed for hens age or hanks. There are even foods designed for laying hens in pellet form for ease of laying and egg quality. Whole foods will meet the nutritional requirements for protein, fat, and essential for the health of your chickens vitamins. 
Plus: please bring them a mineral supplement such as mixtures of marine scales because the calcium in the scales is indispensable part of the egg shell and will prevent deficiencies

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