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How to build a chicken coop in a few easy steps

How to build a chicken coop? 

If you want to have your fresh eggs in the morning, hear the cackling hens in your backyard, so why not make a chicken coop? This essential shelter welfare of your new companions is a relatively simple and economic space. It is built with materials that are easy to find. You will find the necessary materials in any hardware store. Pay special attention to your plans, make sure you take into account all the elements that will help you succeed in your project. 
How to build a chicken coop in a few easy steps

Prerequisites for making your chicken coop 

To make a perfect chicken coop, you must first know the breed of your chickens. Hens prefer to sleep on perches wide and comfortable, we must provide compartments raised (like a loft), where they will sit and lay. Allow 30 inches from the floor for large hens (Brahma type) and about 75 inches high for lighter hens can fly (bantams or medium size). The house should be elevated off the ground to avoid predators come to attack them, while facilitating the ventilation of the building. A door will allow them to enter and exit through a ramp. Make sure you can easily access the nest to retrieve the eggs, and ability to clean nests. 

Before building a chicken coop, it will also consider the weather and where you SIXTI. Look for a naturally lit space, otherwise expect the addition of an electric light. If it rains frequently, make sure the building is watertight (outside ventilation required). Your new companions appreciate moderately heat, if summers are particularly hot aware that this may be fatal; a fan will allow them to regain some freshness. 

Plans and Tackle your chicken coop 

Once you have set the precedent and draw plans for the shelter, prepare the tools needed to make a chicken coop. 

The construction elements: 

The poles of the support structure: minimum 4 for each side; 
Planks to form the four walls, floor and perch; 
Fiber cement sheets which intersect to form the roof; 
A little fence to close and open the door. Hinges for access, and brackets to reinforce the structure; 
Electrical wire for light and fan if you considered necessary. 

Saw, hammer, meter, level, paint brushes; 
Nails, screws, hinges; 
Based sanitizers cresol to coat and treat the wood. 
To make a chicken coop, start assembling the rear facades and front shield. On the back side, make a board can open its hinge. This will allow you to access the nests of hens to retrieve eggs, and easily clean the floor feces. Climb the boards of the 4 sides by juxtaposing one on the other to ensure a perfect seal. Remember to saw the entrance to the barn, rounded or square that is to your liking, make sure it is wide enough for the hens can move easily. Once you've mounted the inner perch and attach the structure to the ground, you can ask your roof should allow air to circulate without letting the rain. Around the barn and in the space you have set for your chickens go about in peace, get a mesh enclosure to protect them from cats and other predators. So, make a chicken takes a little time, but the result is worth the effort. Your chickens will be happy if the shelter is kept clean and you happy with fresh eggs daily for your chickens!

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