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Build a chicken coop: steps and tips

How to build a chicken coop

Livestock is a profession that always interested many people. Whether we are talking pig, goats or chickens, it is imperative to always build a shelter for holding livestock. Wanting to breed chickens for example, requires to build a chicken coop to house them. 

Build a chicken coop: steps and tips
Build a chicken coop: steps and tips

Materials for building a chicken coop 

To have a chicken coop in good and due form, we need to know what material you will use. So, if build a chicken coop is not that difficult, to put it requires either an experienced handyman to the end result is satisfactory unless you buy a fully assembled or to use a professional. Building a chicken coop therefore request that consideration be well aware of where it intends to install the chicken coop and the number of chickens to raise. A chicken coop is where the chickens are housed. To build it, the choice is offered through various materials. Thus, one can choose to make a chicken coop in different woods (teak, pine, fir, etc.), wrought iron, straw, etc. That choice is the one as the other of these materials, building a chicken coop remains in itself a simple activity that can be undertaken by anyone without the help of a professional. 

The steps 

Build a chicken coop requires choosing the material prior to use. Then, it should be before the start of any construction operation, define the place where they will build the chicken coop. The place is important because it determines how the coop will be built. A dry place is best, but for a humid place, high level structure (as on stilts) is favorable to limit moisture and risks of cold in the henhouse. Similarly, the choice of location is also to pay attention to the position of the barn compared to the sun, because you have to know the breakdown of the henhouse is important for the good of the hens. Then you have to mobilize the necessary tools adapted to the material chosen for the chicken coop. 

In the case of the construction of a wooden barn for example, you have wood paneling, a saw, a meter, screws or nails, a hammer, screwdrivers and wire mesh to the edges of the chicken coop. In the event that the work must be done with concrete blocks (as base), all useful tools when building a permanent house to be mobilized. Finally, we must take into account the number of hens that will put and elements that make up the coop, like the perch feeders, sandbox, etc. A sufficiently large space must be reserved for example receiving eggs. Plus it will be great lay more eggs will comfortably. 
Build a chicken coop: steps and tips
Build a chicken coop: steps and tips

The construction of the chicken coop 

Build a chicken coop or make a chicken coop then must be done keeping in mind one thing: protecting chickens against potential predators. For this, it must be conceived as solid as possible. Build a chicken coop that is mobilizing the necessary equipment. There should also be two pallets on the side and one for the floor suspended slats and boards cut to the dimensions of the space for the chicken coop. 

Build a chicken coop is to take into account the dimensions of the boards and battens, assemble with nails or screws, put the fence, climbing perch one meter above the ground and preferably a few inches from the back wall. To avoid feces on the floor, ironing the length of the barn must be installed under the roost. Finally, build a chicken coop is also maintain it. For this, it should be the floor of the house made ​​of concrete or sand for easy maintenance.

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